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About bamboomake

Although we are in bamboo and wood products industry, but our brand positioning and business philosophy is not attached to the bamboo and wood products industry. We are committed to bring a natural, healthy and ecological eating habit to our customers, thus we position ourself as an advocator for providing natural food serving tool, dining tool and food presentation tool. Through our innovative product design and natural product material to offering traditional catering enterprises a more attractive food demostrations or eco-friendly food packaging solutions.

FSC(Forest Stewardship Council)ensure that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits

ISO(International Organization for Standardization)is an independent international non-governmental organization that sets standards to ensure the quality, safety and efficiency of products, services and systems.

SGSis the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. We are recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity.


Rich in raw material where we located. Anji was given the title of the “Bamboo Town of China”


30 years focus on manufacturing eco-friendly products, organized workshop & spacious warehouse.


Product variety, One-stop procurement for eco-friendly supplies.


Customization, brand engraving & individualized packaging

Chairman's Statement--Attitude is everything

Our mission:reducing trash in the world---The development of plastic and chemical products have put great pressure on the environment all over the world. Our company has 30 year's developing and manufacturing eco-friendly products by utilizing disposable and compostable Bamboo material. Due to Bamboo's sustainable characteristics, bamboo product have become an ideal substitute for plastic or other non-recyclable products. We will always focus on this point.
Our vision:encouraging sustainable lifestyle.---People become more aware of environmental protection. This is the common goal of the whole world. We exist to help reduce the world's trash by make life greener for everyone. We constantly remain passionate about this goal.
Our value:creating innovative eco-friendly products.---In order to get more people to use eco-friendly products, we continue to launch innovative and stylish products for our customers. To help our customers decorate their restaurants or kitchens, make their food presentation be more attractive. As more and more countries begin to issue plastic ban law as well as People become more aware of environmental protection, we believe that our eco-friendly products will be more and more popular. Join us to protect the earth and succeed together.
Customer comments

Bamboomake's bamboo products are so exquisite with a reasonable price. We like it so much.

John Chandrinos

Bamboomake's bamboo products are so exquisite with a reasonable price. We like it so much.

John Chandrinos

Bamboomake's bamboo products are so exquisite with a reasonable price. We like it so much.

John Chandrinos
Why choose us?
  • 30 years packing products manufacturing

  • High quality products with competitive price.

  • Factory direct sale

  • Free sample & prompt quotation reply

  • Customization & brand engraving is available

  • New design for eco-friendly supplies

  • Professional and timely customer service

Hot Questions I Product
How long is your delivery time?
A: Products with inventory can be sent via international express delivery, with the fastest delivery time being around 12 days.
Can you provide sample for testing?
A: Yes, if the product you need is in stock, we provide free samples and you only need to pay for shipping. (Customized products cannot provide samples for free)
Can you accept small size of the order?
A: Products with inventory support small orders.
What is your product quality assurance?
A: Our products (or the raw materials used to make them) have safety and quality inspection reports.
What are the advantages of your product?
A: 40-50 days for mass production and we also have ready stock.
What are your packaging advantages?
A: We use thickened cardboard boxes to package our products, and we can also package them according to customer needs.
What are your service advantages?
A: We have dedicated sales personnel to meet your needs and provide after-sales service.
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Hotel & Restaurant supplier, Food packaging industry,Gift packaging Company.

Our value: creating innovative eco-friendly products.